Monday, August 10, 2009


Girls can be mean. This is a common fact of life. And sometimes people can be irrational. Also a common fact of life. But life becomes very very odd when both of those hit at the same time as everything else stressful in your life. I just got through a pretty nasty week last week. I got cusses at from too many angles, yelled at over the phone, and a friend threatened suicide. Now that's what I call fun. But what I love about life, even with the totally cruddy bits, is that God always slips a little bit of sunshine in unexpected places. Friday night, I went to my friend Lenny's house for a sleep over (where i proceeded to talk a different friend out of suicide for about two hours), not expecting to have anything really extraordinary happen and ended up falling in love with a flump of baby bunnies! The bunny that was dubbed as "mine" is named Cow. He's the sweetest, most precious baby bunny ever. Each of the five bunnies had a different, funny, little personality and I could spend days telling you all about each one. I love cuddling up with them and watching them hop all over the place. The next day, Saturday, went alright. Nothing really bad happened, I had a great meeting for Showstoppers, but later on my stomach starting hurting really bad and I realized another of my ovarian cysts had burst. This lead to a vicadin induced sleep-struggle. Sunday was by far the best though. After a truly fabulous sermon in both big service (well what I remember of it. I still had the tail-end of the vicadin in my system during first service.) and high school (I was fully awake for that one. Props Rick, great talk.), I spent the rest of the day with my wonderful love, Kevin. We didn't do anything spectacular, nothing of any importance to humanity, nothing that changed history in any way. Just a relaxing, happy, calm day together. After all the stress of the week before, It was exactly what I needed. I love those simple little blessings that remind you that life is totally horrible, just a little complicated sometimes. Thank God for these small hours and these little wonders.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seasons of Love

I have rehearsal again today for the song Seasons of Love in my show. I'm thinking only the guys are going to show up today because they need the most work. One of my girls is in Utah, another is elsewhere but I don't know where that is, and the last girl for it can only come to rehearsals for one of the other songs because of busy schedule. But none of this really bothers me since the girl parts for the song are super super simple and we got it on the first day. With rehearsing this song though, You'd think i'd get sick of it and want to hear something else. Not true. This song has become a favorite of mine and I'm most excited to perform this song above any other in my show. It's become our anthem and will hopefully inspire many people in the audience. Rehearsal is a little crazy right now due to reordering the schedule and having to send it out to everyone again (which is a huuuuge pain in the neck). So a lot of people are frustrated right now and I'm totally stressing. But I know it will all work out just fine and this show is going to be amazing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Julia Moment

RATATOUILLE!!! Ok so I'm feeling pretty nifty right now. I've always loved to cook but oh boy this is a fun recipe. I'll be sure to post pictures of how beautiful this dish is. The red bell pepper, zucchini, red onion, and yellow squash look so beautiful all swirled in together and the chevre mixed with fresh basil from our garden smells incredible. All in all this is an incredible recipe and I cant wait to make it again sometime!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Peanut Butter Playdough, Chocolate Frozen Yogurt, and RATATOUILLE!!!

Emma and I decided that we very much need to cook. This is a common for us ever since we were little. I remember one night when we had gone to see No Reservations (a charming movie with Catherine Zeta-Jones) we came home after it had ended and immediately held our own Iron Chef in my kitchen. Secret ingredient: pasta. We had a blast and later made a mixed berry cobbler completely from scratch. Ever since it has been our tradition to cook when she comes to stay. Tonight we decided to make desserts and to prepare veggies for making tomorrow's dinner. Our first endeavor was chocolate frozen yogurt. My mom has a frozen yogurt machine so we were very excited to try it out. Once we had mixed all the ingredients together, we put it in the machine and pressed on. Nothing happened. We jiggled the switch. Still nothing. Finally we asked my mom why it wasn't working. She looked over the machine and found the problem. It sprang to life. We excitedly asked her how she did it. She pointed to the electrical cord and said "Simple. I plugged it in." Needless to say we felt rather dumb. While the machine whirred our mixin's into frozen bliss, we grabbed the peanut butter, powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract and mixed together our favorite treat, Peanut Butter Playdough. A few years ago I had found the recipe in Disney Magazine. The recipe had come from Disney World and it had been so much fun to make and eat that it quickly became our favorite. We both enjoyed feeling little again as our fingers squished through the sticky peanut butter. Now we're about to have an wonderful night of sweets while we watch movies and do each others nails! 


So originally I had another blog for a show I am putting on but I'm a lazy butt and could never remember what it was called or what my login was or anything to do with it!! So being the super special person I am, I decided to create a new one that I actually will blog on and support my blogging family with. Hi, my name is India, and I am a dreamer. I live in a world simply made of imagination and creativity. I love to plan events and am a true actor through and through. I am a paper addict (especially anything to do with Alice in Wonderland or any classical fairy tale) and can't help myself when I have an intriguing idea for a story. I'm dancing through life to my own musical soundtrack and love those who inspire me to reach further. I can't wait to tell you all my adventures!