Monday, September 6, 2010

Voice class ejournal: 1

Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a long time, I know, but now I'm back! I'll actually be posting every week now due to a voice class assignment. To catch you up, I'm in college now! Yeah it was a long tough battle to get me there but now I'm a full-time student and a working nanny. Anyways, onto my assignment!

My name is India and I love to sing. I've been singing most of my life and am always willing to learn more. Honestly, there's nothing specific I'd like to learn from voice class. I want to be in voice so that I can sing twice a week and be in a class with other people who love to sing as well. I'm loving voice class so far and can't wait for the first performance.

That's all! I'll post again later on to bring you up to date on everything that has happened lately. Until then fellow wonderlanders.

Yours Truly
The Real Alice

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