Thursday, December 9, 2010

Voice Class Blog #5

Question: how does understanding the larynx and vocal folds help you become a better singer?

Answer: When a singer understands the larynx and how it works, they can use it to it's full potential and be able to sing without harming the vocal folds. If a singer does not understand the vocal folds, they could misuse them and cause serious harm to themself. Belting, if done incorrectly, can cause nodes on the folds and cause the voice to go hoarse and cannot be used for singing. A singer must understand the larynx and vocal folds in order to preserve their voice.

Voice Class Blog #4

Question: share stress managment strategies you have used for a speech presentation or performance

Answer: I simply cannot eat before performing. I use the adrenaline from hunger and to give me drive for a good performance. I do breathing exercises and dance stretches. I can't perform if I don't feel fluid and limber. I like when my lungs feel open and I feel light and able to react quickly and move on instinct. It keeps my head clear and allows my emotions in the performance to flow freely.

Voice Class Blog #3

Question: what are some ways you have been taught to sing words on high notes to increase clarity and diction?

Answer: I have been taught how to form my mouth to really enunciate my vowels and consonants as well as open up the back of my throat for volume so that I will be heard. I have been shown how to relax my jaw into the words and notes.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Voice Class blog #2

Question: How can singing in another language help one become a better singer?

Answer: It can help a singer with pronouncing syllables and consonants correctly and broaden their range of understanding with other songs. It can also help them to learn the language they are singing. Singing in a language such as Italian will give the singer a fluidity that will resonate through anything else they sing. Working with a lot of the classic songs in other languages that help stretch the boundaries of how far their voice can go. Having a good foundation in other languages and classical training can help you with any genre in music.