Monday, August 10, 2009


Girls can be mean. This is a common fact of life. And sometimes people can be irrational. Also a common fact of life. But life becomes very very odd when both of those hit at the same time as everything else stressful in your life. I just got through a pretty nasty week last week. I got cusses at from too many angles, yelled at over the phone, and a friend threatened suicide. Now that's what I call fun. But what I love about life, even with the totally cruddy bits, is that God always slips a little bit of sunshine in unexpected places. Friday night, I went to my friend Lenny's house for a sleep over (where i proceeded to talk a different friend out of suicide for about two hours), not expecting to have anything really extraordinary happen and ended up falling in love with a flump of baby bunnies! The bunny that was dubbed as "mine" is named Cow. He's the sweetest, most precious baby bunny ever. Each of the five bunnies had a different, funny, little personality and I could spend days telling you all about each one. I love cuddling up with them and watching them hop all over the place. The next day, Saturday, went alright. Nothing really bad happened, I had a great meeting for Showstoppers, but later on my stomach starting hurting really bad and I realized another of my ovarian cysts had burst. This lead to a vicadin induced sleep-struggle. Sunday was by far the best though. After a truly fabulous sermon in both big service (well what I remember of it. I still had the tail-end of the vicadin in my system during first service.) and high school (I was fully awake for that one. Props Rick, great talk.), I spent the rest of the day with my wonderful love, Kevin. We didn't do anything spectacular, nothing of any importance to humanity, nothing that changed history in any way. Just a relaxing, happy, calm day together. After all the stress of the week before, It was exactly what I needed. I love those simple little blessings that remind you that life is totally horrible, just a little complicated sometimes. Thank God for these small hours and these little wonders.

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