Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seasons of Love

I have rehearsal again today for the song Seasons of Love in my show. I'm thinking only the guys are going to show up today because they need the most work. One of my girls is in Utah, another is elsewhere but I don't know where that is, and the last girl for it can only come to rehearsals for one of the other songs because of busy schedule. But none of this really bothers me since the girl parts for the song are super super simple and we got it on the first day. With rehearsing this song though, You'd think i'd get sick of it and want to hear something else. Not true. This song has become a favorite of mine and I'm most excited to perform this song above any other in my show. It's become our anthem and will hopefully inspire many people in the audience. Rehearsal is a little crazy right now due to reordering the schedule and having to send it out to everyone again (which is a huuuuge pain in the neck). So a lot of people are frustrated right now and I'm totally stressing. But I know it will all work out just fine and this show is going to be amazing.

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